About us

Meet the Whitening expert from Korea, MediQueens Korea provides healthy skin to customers.


Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and achieve high expectation
through our customers by providing top quality products at reasonable price.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior level of products
in best conditioned facility. We continue to challenge ourselves in order to keep
offering the highest standard of beauty in the ever-evolving world of cosmetic.


We care and value our customers as our top priority. We will be flexible
and adoptable to be able to meet the various needs of our customers
from all over the country.

MediQueens Korea pursues and values customers beautiful life. We efforts to provide healthy skin to customers through our 3E company philosophy.

1. Effective

Effective skin changes that can be experienced
directly by using our products.

2. Exclusive

Each products are exclusively selected
for each market

3. Economic

By securing price competitiveness, consumers
buy high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Based upon the best ingredients , we pursue high quality standards as to be consumed by our own family. We promise our clients only the best products to promote healthier and brighter skin.
Our company name, ‘Medi Queens’ is a compound word of ‘Medical’ and ‘Queen’. When we started to begin this company, we intentionally selected the word ‘Medi’ to represent medical-grade facilities and products. Then when we gathered to select the  following word, we wanted to express our thoughts about serving customers to exceed their ordinary beauty.

Everyone deserves to be beautiful and right to demand it. We are glad to be part of the world making a difference through what  we can offer. We will continue to serve our customers with high standard products and services for them to meet their beauty.